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Some training companies tell the world about the awards they have won. We focus on the rewards – those our clients receive. Our goal is to help banks create a sustainable conversation ecosystem where customers’ experiences are optimized, where colleagues experience personal and professional growth and where the bank generates a solid Return on Investment. Here are several case studies that focus on all three.

Case Study #1

$3.5billion Northeast Bank
Total Bank Initiative
11 Year Partnership

It was 2006 when a $3.6billion organization began its search for a performance partner. “We reviewed the opportunities and challenges facing the bank on a go-forward basis and we recognized a unique opening in the market,” indicated the Chief Banking Officer. “We conducted an objective SWAT analysis and realized we...
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Case Study #2

Regional Bank, 250 locations
Small Business Branch Initiative
Launched July 2017

With 28 million small businesses in America, this segment represents a solid growth opportunity for banks everywhere. Unfortunately, most have not cracked the code on how to execute an effective and profitable strategy. This bank has begun, with our help. We have crafted an initial boot camp approach that will...
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Monroe Bank & Trust

Monroe Bank & Trust is the most tenured of all SM&H clients. MBT has fully integrated our Performance Culture resources into its long-running CARE process. Doug Chaffin, President & CEO discusses why the bank selected St. Meyer & Hubbard nearly two decades ago and what our partnership has meant to...
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Case Study #3

$1billion Northwest Bank
Total Bank Initiative
Three Year Partnership

In 2008 this organization employed an outside resource to create an overall service mentality. Looking for a next level of associate engagement and client centricity, the bank initiated a partnership with SM&H in 2015. Goals of the all bank initiative included: Instill a deliberate approach to client conversations Create a...
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Case Study #4

$120billion Bank, 833 Locations, 12 States
Business Banking and Commercial Initiative
Eight Year Partnership

Key executives at this organization were part of the team that became St. Meyer & Hubbard’s first client at another organization. SM&H has helped to launch highly successful initiatives in the Business Banking and Commercial Banking spaces. This has involved consulting, development, training and coaching of more than 1500 bankers....
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